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*pTy Vk now non Sam Esserick It has often been said "That Blessed is the man who gives liberally of his means and willingly of his personal time and efforts to the betterment of his fellow man.” Such a man is Sam Esserick, Association Trustee, whom the Hebrew Free Loan Association honors with this page, in grateful recognition of the many years of personal service he has given it, as a member, as a Trustee, and as an Officer of the Association. Mr. Esserick’s record of service, which spans a quarter of a century in time, is one, which has few equals among present board members, for color, for accomplishments, and for the number of years served the Association. His rise in the Association, from just another member to its highest honor of Association President during the years of 1950 and 51, was only accomplished after much outstanding work by him both as committeeman and committee chairman of many of the Association’s important committees throughout his many years of affiliation with the Association. He holds the distinction of being among the Association’s leading salesman of picnic tickets, year after year as well as being one of the most diligent workers in its preparation each year. He is probably best known throughout the Association as a fighter for, and defender of, Association principles, and actions for which, he has been both praised and criticized. It is because of these attributes and his outstanding loyalty and devotion to the Association throughout his many years of service, that he has won for himself, a place among that selected circle of trustees, known as the Elder Statesmen of the Association. The Hebrew Free Loan Association considers itself fortunate indeed, to number among its trustees, a man of such outstanding characteristics as Mr. Sam Esserick and is proud to present him with this page as its tangible expression of appreciation for the many personal services rendered it by him. The Association in presenting this page to Mr. Esserick, sincerely hopes that God will continue to bless him, in the years to come, with the same goodness of life he now enjoys, so that he can continue to actively serve our Association, which has become so dear to his heart, with the same vigor and interest that he does today. PRESENTED THIS 17th DAY OF FEBRUARY, 1963