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r Baft* -pty- riDNi non «<*• A GREAT AND WORTHY CONTRIBUTION TO THE SEFFER HAZ1CORON By Mr- Sam Erlich Mr. Sam Erlich served as Book business chair- man of the Seffer Hazicoron of the Hebrew Free Loan for 8 years. Through his efforts and untiring work many pages were sold to the members of our Jewish Community. He is giving a great deal of his time not only to this worthy cause of Gmilus Chasodim, but also to many other Jewish organizations of this Jewish community. Mr. Erlich is now serving as Vice President of the Hebrew Free Loan Association and is helping to further the good cause of the Gmilus Chesed in every way possible. MR. AND MRS. SAM ERLICH FEBRUARY 20th - SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - 1945