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This Page Is D edicated To The Memories of Melinda Mae Pullen By Sam Eisenberg and Jean Karren In Beloved Memory of A D earest Wife and Mother BESSIE EISENBERG The happiness she gave to enrich our lives will be perpetuated in the hearts of a devoted husband, Sam Eisenberg, and a grateful daughter, Jean Karren. Born: July 14, 1910 - Died: December 5th, 1963 In beloved memory of a dear daughter and sister, Melinda Mae Pullen, whose zeal for life and natural happiness, brought joy to all who knew and loved her. From her loving father, Sam Eisenberg, and adoring sister, Jean Karren. Born: August 21, 1938 - Died: March 17, 1959 DEDICATED THIS 16th DAY OF MARCH, 1969