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This page is dedicated to honor Mrs. Anna Colien by her Daughter and Son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. I. Barenblatt to thank her for the many years of unselfish devotion to our family Mrs. Anna Cohen was born in Krasnopol, Poland; spent her youth there and married Mr. Meyer Wolf Dziwak, also of the same town. Upon migrating to the United States the name of Dziwak was changed to Cohen because of the “Cohanim" heritage to which the family belonged. This remarkable woman widowed in 1919, raised eight children in Krasnopol, Poland in a true Jewish traditional manner and managed against untold hardships to keep the family together and to instill in each of the children a sense of responsibility toward each other. Realizing the uncertainty of life in Poland, she allowed two of the oldest to migrate to the United States. Later at her insistence and her son’s efforts two others were sent to Mexico and consequently also entered the United States. In 1936 after many years of divided family life her son succeeded in bringing her and the remaining four children to San Antonio, Texas. One of her basic principles is that charity is a necessity and not a luxury. At the risk of self denial, Mrs. Anna Cohen has many times contributed to worthy causes far beyond her means. Today this worthy woman counts among her blessings 16 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. DATED MARCH 15, 1959