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*$ ► ‘p t y * Vk nDKi ^on 4*3 DW1 V DW Sffijt m01TIJDplKT3 DW10 INDpD'li On this page of the Book of Reminiscences of the Hebrew Free Loan Association are inscribed the good deeds and the worthy accomplishments of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brisk- man. Mr. and Mrs. Briskman came to San Antonio in 1914 and made their home here. Since they have established themselves in this city, they have always taken a pert in the upbuilding of this Jewish community. They have contributed and are now aiding every good Jewish cause. Mr. and Mrs. Briskman are giving charity with cn open hand. They uphold the Jewish traditions and a Jewish spirit prevails in their home. They brought up their two daughters, Gertrude end Hellen, in a Jewish spirit. Mr. and Mrs. Briskman belong to several Jewish organizations, they are members of Cong. Agudas Achim Bnai Brith Lodge, Hebrew Free Loan Ass'n and other worthy organizations. They truly deserve that their names be inscribed in this Sefer Hazicoron, Bock of Reminiscences. 24th day of September, 1940 h jyanpxa tnjm pnatn red pc ox?a ;ypn spix tyyojyo ytripnw h pc tyuixiocux ymt? px nno you mo ’-no yonynyj pn px jxopDna Tuapy^x i"c m •to5t p" 2 y-tfyr N’JXDJX jxb P'P tyoipyj jyjyt jxopanc mo px no p’c -pr jyaxn px tya^xnyj ’u oxn ot*j fix 1914 px ” » ontjioty px ip iypiu o’u .o^cixy: spnx px jyjjiDyjpyoJix yty-px ypx px ^ 'ddjx jyouva y-ma .x’jXDJx jxb pc Dy’xitroarx ytr-rx h jy-pha fysf’tjtnyj rx ay ntp 1 x11 jycu px nmns tc npnx nj/o’x jyau ”T iix nyf’tp-px p|'ix -pr tyin’c ,ms’ bus naaa ro’U .pin ye”-px ymty x jjnrra ”iiv ynrn lynmy jyntjin jxopona mo px io ivjyr ”t .od”: tyty-rx px p^yn px nno-'u nyoayo snjnax pc px ixty’jyujxp D’nx mux pc aiyaoyo px nna ua tic nyaoyo x px jxopDna no .ay'xxpjxnx ybx iv o:jx?xa txopD’ia mo .dhdr ni^oa man pc px nyo’x osbyn p,x ay’vxpjxnx jyma yem’x .B”5xnyoxo fyancHxa jyf^t jyoyj jny’n Dtp “pfnyn fyr-nxa nmx -pa’ 'm .a-ian ni^oa pnatn nco ay-t px jyiyii .DiPcr an? bspi D’o’ nanxai nvi’tyya .■oDcpuia ,x'iKiaiH \xu ,uvt\ tvus bMx tsnui bis ‘a cv SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS