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m- inTy" Vk j§g|{ riDKi non GREAT IS THE PRECEPT OF GMELUS CHASODIM WHEN APPLIED TO PERFORM AN ACT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. THE PERPETUATION OF THE MEMORY OF SOME BELOVED ONE WHO HAS DEPARTED FROM THIS EARTHLY LIFE IS INDEED A TRUE RIGHTEOUS ACT. EMANUEL BORSCHOW Born in Druya, Russia, tfie son of Jacob and Dora Borschow. Educated in the Yeshiva A devoted Biblical scholar, Mr. Borschow was an authority on the Torah, Talmud, and the various books of commentary. He was also a poet, composing poetry in both Yiddish and English. His favorite author was Emerson; his chief interest, humanity; and his favorite motto: "Honesty is the best policy." Beth-EI and the Zionist Organization of America. He is survived by his widow, Rebecca Lazerowitz Borschow; daughters, Mrs. Nate Chodorow, Waco; Mrs. Ben Straus, Dallas; Mrs. Sol Hoffman, Mrs. Philip Werbner, and Mrs. Sara Borschow, all of San Antonio; son, Sidney Borschow of San Juan, Puerto Rico; seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. DIED APRIL 20, I 950 3rd DAY OF “IYAR” 5710 MR. EMANUEL BORSCHOW This Page Is Dedicated In Memory Of BY Mr. BEN NATHAN AND Mrs. AARON MENDEL and later completed his training as a shochet. Came to this country in 1897. He was a charter member of the Hebrew Free Loan Association, a member of Temple A MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE FEBRUARY 1951