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| | I noxi non 4^ MR. AND MRS. NATHAN BERNSTEIN NATHAN BERNSTEIN AND IN HONOR OF HIS WIFE SOPHIE BY THEIR SON AND DAUGHTER IN LAW THE DEDICATION OF THIS PAGE IS A DEED OF TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS AND AN EXPRESSION OF TRUE AFFECTION AND RESPECT TOWARD PARENTS tytwyo ya^iy mis n us jysyj n lyantnNB any** cion mUs: us piain ibd ps a«7a cyi spi« ps lyoya n jyamsntsfl is ops cyjnyr cyi .a^iy piar1?ys«a ms ms pv p* *?"t p'tirjiya pi: is .men me yan pv p* p'Btwiya is ;n$tay: p?2$n piain isc p»x fyiyaty ya^ yiy-? .m in in cpis pyiyaty ps amn ps jyay: n fymiy iss is rx jnga p;:yp nyirp D$n yacryir c$i .dwi cx lias ‘is mss n s$ jyan cgii nyirp yatyts pi jyayo aaiyay: MR. NATHAN BERNSTEIN DIED DECEMBER 7^1942 san a n t o n io , T exas OCTOBER 9th, 1938 L.