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•pty Vn jidki non This Page is Dedicated In Loving Memory of MRS. ESTHER COHN BERNS BY HER HUSBAND, CHILDREN, AND GRANDCHILDREN We thank you, “Dear God", for having given us, a most beautiful, and wisest of “Angels”, who loved and guided us these many years. Yea, her voice was ever so gentle, ner a harsh word did she speak, and only the good in others, she did seek. There wasn’t anything she could not do, from making her husband feel seven feet tall, to fixing a child's favorite doll. Her hand and a prayer on a feverish brow, made you feel well in no time at all. So, as we recite the “Shemah", which she taught us to do, we shall ever give thanks to “You” for the most wonderful “Queen of them all”, our “Esther”. Amen. Loved and sadly missed by her husband Martin, children Sidney, Melvin, Marian, and Harold, and grandchildren. Born July 8, 1893 — Died January 5, 1961. “May Her Soul Rest In Peace.” DEDICATED THIS 26TH DAY OF MARCH, 1961.