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nDKI 'IDR This page is dedicated to the memory of LOUIS BERKIE Louis Berkie was a San Antonio institution. He was known as "Mr. Wooden Nickels’1. For many years he depended on the Hebrew Free Loan to keep his business afloat. When he became financially able, he turned to the Hebrew Free Loan to help him repay his "debt" and find others whom he could assist. He was intimatelly acquainted with so many of the Jewish population that he was asked to sit on the Loan & Collection Committee, where he served for many years. His two main items of merchandise were wooden nickels and magi* cians supplies. He was very generous. Magicians in need could always go to Berkie for help. Berkie was singled out for special honors at their conventions and shows in 1983, 1987, and 1996. He was an ameteur magician and had a special kit for entertaining children regularly in the hospitals. San Antonio has been diminished by his death. S IS