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‘pTV*’ Vk noNi non Hi Tkis page is Dedicated by tbe Hebrew Free Loan Association to MR. ISRAEL BARENBLATT in recognition of tke outstanding services performed by bim, while serving as its president from August of 1956 to August, 1958 Mr. Barenblatt, a comparative newcomer to Association activities, was elected to the position of Association Trustee in the year 1948 and after having served in this capacity for eight consecutive years, was elevated to the position of Association president in August of 1956, a position which he held until August of 1958. The sincere and devoted manner with which he discharged his many presidential duties and responsibilities, was cause for much praise and favorable comment from fellow Association officers. Not only did he distribute Association function assignments, with above average efficiency, and many times in full neglect of his own pressing business problems, but he would also personally participate and often take the lead, in the fulfillment of these same assignments. Because of Mr. Barenblatt's efficient and inspiring leadership, the Association was able to increase its loaning capital by a sizeable amount and also give several outstanding social events that greatly enhanced its position as a leader among the Jewish organizations of San Antonio. It is in recognition of these outstanding attributes of Mr. Barenblatt, that the Hebrew Free Loan Association is pleased to honor him with this page, whereon these attributes will be permanently recorded, for viewing by himself and others, in the years to come. MARCH 15, 1959