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uUje 1800k of fRcminificncEB This book is a living history of Jewish people and life cycle events in the San Antonio area. Pages in this book are donated in honor of or in memory of loved ones and their contribution to the Jewish community. We find records of Bar and Bat Mitzvah, marriages, births, election to offices in various Jewish organizationas well as other achievements. It has both a written and a photographic history. It is also a way of recognizing a person's accomplishments and good deeds. Many of us can look with pride upon the pages of our ancestors. Pages can be purchased by contacting the Chairman of the Book of Reminiscences. The books will be on display at the new Jewish Campus soon. 75th Anniversary Committee Lucille Behar Mitrane, Chairperson George Alter Irwin Barath Joseph M. Bernstein Dr. Wallace Bloom Elie Guggenheim Efraim Joffe Carrol Meyer Jack Rogal Michael A. Rubinstein