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This Page Is Dedicated In Loving Memory of Mrs. Bessie Riva Koen By Her Devoted Husband Mr. Abraham R. Koen Bessie’s companionship filled over 54 years of our happily married life. Her warmth and guidance will always be remembered as her presence is always with me. She raised and mothered four sons with admiration and understanding. Her zest for life can best be expressed in her paintings and in her love of art and nature. She was always a modern woman, young in spirit, searching for new horizons with a keen interest and insight of the tomorrow. No truer sweetheart could one cherish as an ardent and devoted partner; no truer or more understanding person could match my Bessie. She is loved and sadly missed by her husband, Abraham, children and grandchildren. Born September 25, 1888 — Died April 2, 1962 May Her Soul Rest in Reace DEDICATED THIS 17th DAY OF FEBRUARY, 1963