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riDKi “idh Nathan, when you were born your grandfather Jacob was so ecstatic with his new grandson, that he wanted to give him a very special present. At the ripe old age of 8 days old, Jacob Herschman bought Nathan Kerman his first membership to the Hebrew Free Loan Assn, with the hopes that his grandson would follow in his and his father’s footsteps. Jacob Herschman worked hard for the Hebrew Free Loan Assn, as did Nathan’s father, Jerry Kerman, and now Nathan’s grandfather’s dreams have come to pass. Not only has Jacob Herschman given Nathan the membership but also the legacy of working hard for an organization he believed in. We’re all thankful that his grandpa Jake lived to see Nathan as President. Both Grandpa Jake as well as Nathan’s whole family can be proud that he turned into the kind of son, husband, father, and brother his whole family can be proud of. May you always be the type of person to give your whole self to any worthy cause. Hebrew Free Loan Assn.