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pTjr i This Book Of Remembrance gives a glimpse of the life of Mrs. Bella Karotkin and of her late husband Max Karotkin. At age 15, Bella Karotkin came to San Antonio with her mother. Her father was murdered in a Kiev pogrom. She later married Max Karotkin who also came from around Kiev. They were some of the first orthodox Jews in San Antonio. The Karotkins were instrumental in organizing the Jewish community - built the first orthodox synagogue, established charitable organizations. As the city grew and more Jews came to San Antonio the newcomers needed help. Later a Talmud Torah and larger synagogue was built. The Karotkins donated generously. They also financially helped their friends in Europe and subsidized the establishment of Jewish settlements in Palestine. Mrs. Karotkin took pride in her kosher household and in giving the children a orthodox education. Their door was always open everybody. She was determined to uphold the Jewish traditional teaching to her children - at the time there was no Talmud Torah she found private tutors for them. Now that the children are grown, she does the same with her grand- chilren. Mrs. Karotkin finds the greatest pleasure in the fact, that her college graduated children attend daily prayers. She continues to support the charities that she and her late husband subscribed to. God should grant her long life. San Antonio September 27, 1939