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w s riDNi "ion This Page Is Dedicated To JOEL and EVA KARIN by T. C. “TOMMY” LEVINE H Joel and Eva Karin are more than a married couple. They are actually a m unit. Each has supported the other in every endeavor, physically and § spiritually, one without the other is rarely seen. iP They both share the same willingness to serve. They have amazing social §1 energy. They think nothing of driving across town on errands, attending if every gathering involving their many friends. It is almost unheard of that || they should refuse any request that they can possibly fill. After Joel graduated from A&M College with an Engineering degree, he was decorated and promoted for his actions while serving as an Engineering Office in the Navy during World War II. Joel, having a broad spectrum of “handyman” skills, Eva with a variety of domestic skills, have been there for their friends on every occasion ofjoy and trouble with their everyday support. They both have volunteered their services in many organizations, not just as members, but as leaders in many accomplishments. If there is a project under sail, they will contribute the most to its success. There are, in this book, pages dedicated to Eva alone, picturing her position in the community. But addressing Eva alone somehow remained unfinished. We who have contributed this page have been blessed by having Joel and Eva together as our friends..