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Eva is a native San Antonian who has been involved in every aspect of life. She is a devoted mother, a loving wife and a tireless worker for the Jewish Community. She has always gone out of her way to help any individual in need. Yes - she has given of herself, her time, her knowledge and her money in her work for the Jewish Community. People in need have been benefited in many ways from the help and advice she has given from the goodness of her heart. In addition to these many wonderful characteristics, Eva has also found time to be the Secretary for the HEBREW FREE LOAN ASSOCIATION OF SAN ANTONIO. Her records have always been complete and current. For this and for handling of all the other difficult problems that make up the daily work of our Secretary, WE SAY THANK YOU. ‘p'TJT VR nDRI “IDH THE BOARD MEMBERS OF THE Mebmu itfm Sloan Aoanrialtnn of ^an Antonio DEDICATE THIS PAGE IN HONOR OF €toa Eartn The Board of Trustees.