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■pt$r Vn TiDKI ion W & MR. A. KAMRASS He who departs from this Earthly life is accompanied only by his righteous deeds and his memory is remembered through the service he has rendered. wJeJ* THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF MR. ABRAHAM KAMRASS BY HIS SON BEN Mr. A. Kamrass left behind him a monument which he built during his life time, and that is The Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Kamrass was the one, who in 1924 organized the “Gmilus Chassodim,” the Hebrew Free Loan Association and for over a decade dedicated his life toward that worthy cause. He served as President of the organization for 12 consecutive years, and through his efforts and hard work the Hebrew Free Loan Association has become the most outstanding organization in this city. His worthy deeds accompanied him to his resting place and they will be here as a monument in his memory for generations to come. d MAY HIS MEMORY BE BLESSED AND HIS SPIRIT BE FOREVER WITH US. FEBRUARY 1950 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS