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SBHNM> inty1- Vk “ion This Page Is Dedicated In Loving Memory Of Mrs. Rachella Joffe By Her Son and Daughter-In -Law, Mr. and Mrs. Efraim Joffe, Daughter, Mrs. Helena Schwartz, and Grandchildren, Leon Turbowitz, Leon, Miriam, and Benjamin Joffe. Mrs. Joffe, who was born on March IOth, 1893 in Wilno, Poland, left her homeland in October of 1949 to come to America to enjoy the blessings and freedom of our great country. It was her good fortune to settle in San Antonio where she lived the life of a devoted mother and grandmother until her death at the age of seventy four years. Even though she is no longer here in person, she is, and always will be, here in spirit, and her blessed memory, will forever remain etched on the hearts of her loved ones. Died October 15th, 1967. Dedicated this 27th day of March, 1968.