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“pTjr Vk nDXi "ion This Page Is Dedicated To Leon Joseph Joffe By His Loving Parents MR. AND MRS. EFRAIM JOFFE Sister Miriam, Brother Benjamin, and Grandmother Mrs. Rachel Joffe On The Occasion of His Bar Mitzvah. i 1 Just as Leon’s Bar Mitzvah symbolizes his induction from the irresponsibilities of boyhood into the faith of his Jewish Forbears, as a man, so it is intended, that this page shall serve as a symbol of his acceptance of these Jewish manhood responsibilities. It is the hope of Leon’s family, that this page, which they so proudly present him today, shall serve as an added inspiration to him in his efforts to meet and fulfill the many manhood responsibilities that will confront him from this day on, and be one that he shall cherish always. It is the expressed wish of the Joffe family that Leon, whose dutiful and loving character qualities of past years has endeared him to both relatives and friends alike, shall continue to exercise these same qualities in his quest for outstanding success and leadership in the coming years. Leon’s dear ones present this page with the sincere prayer that God will continue to Bless Him with the good health and superior intelligence necessary for him to achieve the happiness and success he desires and shall strive for, in his future lifetime. PRESENTED THIS 13th DAY OF FEBRUARY, 1966.