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This Page Is Dedicated To Joseph Mark Jalnos By His Parents Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jalnos And Brothers Robert, Marvin and Carl In Honor of HIS BAR MITZVAH OF MARCH 21, 1964 Joey, as he is fondly called, by his relatives and many friends, has always been a source of joy and inspiration to his family, and it is their sincere hope that he will continue to reflect credit and honor, by his future deeds and actions, not only to those near and dear to him, but also to all those who will be charged with the future guidance and direction of his steps on the pathway of life. It is with the greatest of pride, that his parents honor Joey with this page, in the hope that its presentation will inspire him to seek future active participation in the Hebrew Free Loan Association and all other worthy organizations, who have for their purpose, the giving of aid to all persons in need. May God bless him always with the goodness of life necessary to fulfill this hope. DEDICATED THIS 7th DAY OF MARCH, 1965