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THIS PAGE DEDICATED TO Isadore Hershman It is said that our names have an influence on our personalities. For no man has this been so appropriate as for the man whom this page is meant to memorialize. Isadore "Itzik” Hershman died on January 17, 1983. His Hebrew name was Yitzchok — from the word Zohok — laughter and this was his hallmark. He was born with a unique gift, the capacity to make others laugh. He was born 50 years ahead of his time. He had a wealth of comic material stored in his memory bank that would be the envy of the most famous comedians of our day. He was a Yiddish raconteur without peer. He had a fund of stories that befitted every occasion and every incident and every personality. He was the Eddie Cantor . . . the Henny Youngman . . . the Johnny Carson . . . the Alan King of his Yiddish speaking family and circle of friends. He was a funny, funny man. His command of the Yiddish language was perfectly suited for his humor and with it he brought joy to everyone who could understand the language. While he was a man without formal education and couldn’t speak English fluently, he had the gift of bringing cheer and laughter wherever he came. He had a profound respect for people of learning and education, approaching a sense of awe in their presence. He belonged to Congregation Agudas Achim, B’nai B’rith and he was an ardent supporter of the Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio. With him an age has passed........... "May his soul be bound up in the bonds of Eternal Life.”