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■pty" Vtf nDKi non This Page Is A Token of Appreciation For The Service Rendered By Mr. Jacob Herschman Hebrew Free Loan Association 1960-1961 Jacob Herschman is a resident of San Antonio for 45 years of which he has served his community well. He is a charter member of the Hebrew Free Loan Association of which he has served in the capacity as President for two years. A member of Congregation Agudas Achim 43 years, Congregation Rodfei Shalom of which he has served on the Board of Directors, Mizrachi Organization, Zionist Organization, B’nai B’rith Hebrew Sheltering of which he is Vice-President, and Hebrew Theological Seminary of Chicago, 111. There is not a charitable institution of which Jacob Herschman has refused to support. Mr. Herschman and his wife, Leah, should continue to serve their community for many more years with good health and happiness. DEDICATED: FEBRUARY 17, 1963