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r nDKi non This Memorial Page Is Hereby Dedicated To The Everlasting Memory Of Our Beloved Parents, Ida and Neiten Gossen Ida and Neiten Gossen were born in Odessa, Russia. They met in Russia and were married on September 28, 1912. Neiten migrated to the United States after their marriage in 1912 and brought his lovely wife to this country in 1913. They settled in San Antonio and had 3 sons. Neiten passed away in October, 1973. Ida passed away in March of 1974. They are survived by 6 children: Sam Gossen, Tobie Gossen, Charles Gossen and wife Rosalie, Jake Gossen and wife, Pearl. In addition to the children, they are also survived by seven grand children and one great grandchild. These include Ronald, Faye, Steve, Gary, Mindy, Jeffery and Faryl. The great grandchild is Isaac Joel Tawil. The undying love, the devotion toward each other and their children and the unselfishness throughout their lives create a living memory in our hearts forever. A OtUSTj { ^ 75-